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Description: The New York Times can be searched and accessed in a variety of ways.

New York Times online:

  • New York Times Article Archive, 1851-1980, indexes the New York Daily Times from Sept. 18, 1851 to Sept. 12, 1857, and the New York Times from Sept. 14, 1857 to Dec. 1980-no advertisements. Full-text PDF articles are free for 1851 to 1922, limited to 10 free articles each calendar month. "Advanced" narrows your search by headline, author, date, or date range; a free preview may be available.
  • LexisNexis™ Academic, 1969 - . Contains full text, no graphics or advertisements, from June 1980 to present, with abstracts only for January 1969 to May 31, 1980. New York Times Blogs are available; select "The New York Times Blogs" box. Access to freelance articles and other features within this publication may not be available.

New York Times in microfilm and digitized microfilm; access an article with a citation or browse issues. Current paper issues retained until the digitized microfilm is available:

  • New York Times microfilm covers 1851 through 2011 (UMSL TJ MICRO AN 1 .N4 T5), on Level 5.
  • New York Times via ProQuest Digital Microfilm, 2008 - approximately 3 months ago, is the cover-to-cover full-image PDF digitized microfilm. Not searchable, but can choose specific dates and pages.

New York Times-print indexes:

  • New York Times Indexes index articles from 1851 through 2010 (UMSL TJ REF INDEX AI 21 .N44). Includes abstracts of significant events; use the citation to view the article in our microfilm or digitized microfilm.

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