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Description: Scopus is a citation and abstracting database covering 15,000 peer-reviewed journals from more than 4,000 international publishers. Coverage includes: over 1,000 Open Access journals, 500 Conference Proceedings, over 600 Trade Publications, over 125 Book Series, and 21 million patents.

Scopus has 16 million records including references going back to 1996 and 17 million pre-1996 records that go back as far as 1869. Geographic coverage is worldwide. Scopus also includes the historical material published by American Chemical Society (back to 1879), the Springer archive (back to 1869) and is loading the archives of Elsevier (back to 1823), Institute of Physics (back to 1874), American Physical Society (back to 1893), American Institute of Physics (back to 1939), Royal Society of Chemistry (back to 1841) and the journal Nature.

Subject areas covered: Life Sciences >3,400 titles, Health Sciences > 5,300 titles (including 100% coverage of Medline titles), Physical Sciences > 5,500 titles, and Social Sciences and Humanities > 5,300 titles.

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Subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physics, Health Sciences, Political Science/Public Policy/Law, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Sciences, Multidisciplinary