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Description: This continuously updated version of the Encyclopedia of Social Work is an online collaboration between the National Association of Social Workers (NASW Press) and Oxford University Press (OUP), building off the classic reference work of the same name. The NASW Press and OUP see this resource not as a replacement for the 2008 print work, but as an alternative that focuses on a consistent review of the content. New and revised articles and biographies are added to this continuously updated edition on a monthly basis. Additional site features include:

  • 900+ articles offering overviews of every facet of social work policy and practice
  • Over 200 succinct biographies of key figures in social work history
  • Trusted, scholarly content infused with practical advice for social workers in the field
  • Article versioning ensures users see the most up-to-date entries, with links back to the first published version
  • References and further reading suggestions at the bottom of articles

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